The FP9 budget discussions have started

The FP9 budget discussions have started

By Ingemar Pongratz


The preparations for the future European Research Framwork Programme FP9 have started a while ago and the financial aspects are starting. The successor of the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme is expected to contain very few major changes to Horizon 2020. One of the main discussion points is however on the size of the budget, in fact The FP9 budget discussions have started.

Horizon 2020 total budget was 70 Billion EUR and the recent European Commission suggestion is that Framework Programme 9 should receive 100 billion EUR.


At a glance this represents a considerable expansion comparing to Horizon 2020 but members of the European Parliament are however disappointed with this figure. Comparing to Horizon 2020 and adjusted to inflation, the increase amount to only 10 billion EUR. This modest has disappointed members of the European Parliament. Members of the EU Parliament have already signaled that they will suggest a higher figure, namely 120 Billion EUR for FP9. They argue that Research and Innovation is a key area for future European development and must be funded accordingly.

Interestingly, other European stakeholders such as Universities and Industry representative call for even higher numbers, well above 160 Billion EUR.

The final European Commission proposal for FP9 funding will be released in June 2018 and will no doubt be under intense scrutiny and discussion until 2020 when the new FP 9 programme should be launched


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